Annett Zinsmeister: Inside_Out 2021 
Installation Kunsthalle Tübingen
© Annett Zinsmeister, VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2021

Annett Zinsmeister

Ausser Haus

08-05-2021 - 08-05-2022

ANNETT ZINSMEISTER (born 1967 in Stuttgart) has lived in Berlin since 1990. She gained an international reputation with her site-specific works and spectacular spatial interventions. Works of hers are on show in galleries, museums and at biennials worldwide: in 2015 MoMA New York commissioned a spatial installation especially for its collection. Under the format AUSSER HAUS she will design a new façade work for the high-rise building opposite the Kunsthalle at the request of the Kunsthalle Tübingen.

Annett Zinsmeister works with existing spatial elements and urban structures, transforming them into unusual space situations that examine and question not only our visual habits and our perception, but also the limits of spaces. Her installations and space- and image-constructions thus become experiential spaces and fictive constructions that confront us with transitions and intermediary spaces and motivate us to think: about the relationship between man and his environment, body and space, the space between reality and fiction, the analogue and the digital, between visibility and invisibility.


Curated by Nicole Fritz